Greetings, fellow life travelers!

What you'll see here is very simple and minimalist. It's a continually evolving hub, like the centre of my particular online universe. Things come and go and that's a good thing because it's like life.

On the personal side, I hail originally from Toronto and I now live in British Columbia on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

I'm an introvert, but I like to ask questions, learn interesting stuff and then have fun generative conversations with others.

These are the spiritual practices that are an integral part of my life, and keep me grounded and able to do what I do.

Meditation. The best thing about meditation is anyone can do it. Here are ten reasons to try it. There are more but ten is enough to chew on.

Visioning. Visioning is a practice of getting very quiet and listening to the wisest most connected part of ourselves.

Affirmative Prayer. Affirmation = declaring what's true. Affirmative prayer is declaring that Infinite Mind (aka God, the Universe, Source Energy) creates and expresses as individual mind - me. (and you too!)

C0-Creation.Personal Power Pathway is a beginners affirmation and meditation practice developed with brilliant friends Cindy Loughran and Karen Tax.

Co-creation is an absolutely awesome experience in the truest sense of the word.

Singing. The way I see it is this way: voice is messenger, voice is spiritual ally, voice is an individual expression of power through the connection of head and heart. All good.

Walking in Nature. Need I say more?

There are SO many possibilities here. But these are three of my favourites:

Rob Brezsny
writes the only astrology I regularly allow into my inbox. He is freakishly right on all the time.

And speaking of being choosy about emails, on weekdays I also read Notes from the Universe. Fun, captivating, yet often with a good kick right where it's needed.

I'm also a Toastie and I just got my DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) this past March. What a fun adventure it is to be a Toastmaster. I'm in the June 2016 issue on page 6 of Toastmasters Magazine.

I stand for Audacious Creativity. It's a world changer. It's also the name of a anthology to which I contributed. Read my part. Want more? You can order the book from or (Those are not affiliate links.)

I stand for a world that works for everyone. We can make it so, and it starts with healing our own wounds.

I stand for going slow to go fast, the universe is abundant, and there is way more good in the world than we know (or see on main stream media!).

I've recorded a CD called Seven Stories High, Songs and Stories in the Key of Life. It's a personal journey told in both music and story.

You can contact me at voice (at) (Use @ and help me keep spam out of my inbox!)


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